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Underhell is an action horror Half-Life 2 modification, written and created by Mxthe. The modification is being released episodically with the prologue released March 5th 2011, and Chapter One released September 1st, 2013. The prologue was highly popular, mainly because of the "The House" feature, which has now become its iconic figure. In Underhell, you play as Jake Hawkfield, a Special Weapons and Tactics Operative, who recently got married and moved in with his beloved wife. But soon after those happy events his beloved wife dies under mysterious circumstances in an apparent suicide. Jake falls apart, and only his best friend, mentor and boss Frank is here to help him get over his grief.

The mod begins with a wake up call from Frank, ordering Jake to come down to the station. An armed group of elite soldiers have taken contol of a hospital and all it’s personnel.

But Jake will soon realize that this is not an ordinary Hostage Situation…

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